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DMF NETWORK Valeriya Pechenyk serves as the network coordinator.
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The DMF Network is a coalition of independent regional newsrooms spanning across Ukraine, including IA Noviny Donbasu, online publications Realna Gazeta and Pershiy Kryvorizkyi, Nakipilo Media Group, Vgoru Media Group, Mariupol's website 0629.com.ua, Varosh online magazine, Expert KR Online TV, Raion hyperlocal media network, and PTV Poltava television.

Its mission is to advance the growth of independent journalism in Ukraine, foster interregional collaboration, exchange content and expertise, and enhance the sustainability of its independent editorial partners.


Established in 2019, the network annually reaches over a million users across numerous regions of Ukraine through shared content. In addition to collaborative content production and distribution, network editors benefit from mentoring support, training programs, and equipment upgrades aimed at fostering their professional development and enhancing the quality of their products. The project is supported by “MPU” which is implemented by Internews Network; and the US Embassy in Kyiv.


Valeriya Pechenyk serves as the network coordinator.

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