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NEWS OF DONBAS The editor-in-chief is Bohdan Karkachev.
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News of Donbas is a news website that has been in continuous operation since 2003, making it one of the oldest independent mass media outlets in the region. Initially founded in Donetsk, it later relocated to controlled territory in 2014.

Providing updates on current events in the region, News of Donbas also publishes analytical materials, explanatory texts, and reports. The editorial office adheres to editorial standards and the Code of Ethics of Ukrainian journalism. Notably, the Institute of Mass Information featured News of Donbas in the 2023 Map of Recommended Media.


Despite internet access restrictions and site blocks, at least 12,000 residents of occupied Donetsk visited the News of Donbas website 10+ times in 2022, according to Google Analytics with geographic data specifically identifying the city of Donetsk. The actual number of regular visitors is likely higher, as incognito and VPN activities are not factored in. The editor-in-chief is Bohdan Karkachov, supported by a dedicated team including Victoria Ishchenko, Oleg Shevchenko, Karolina Hayduk, Olena Shemet, and others

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