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Privacy Policy

How does “News of Donbas” use cookies?

“News of Donbas”, like most sites on the Internet, uses cookies: this gives us the opportunity to provide our readers with our services, as well as to analyze data in order to understand where to develop our editorial and advertising products.

A cookie is a piece of data from the website you visited and which is stored on your computer.

We use several different types of cookies:

Content production standards on the site

Our team strictly adheres to the journalist’s professional code. When preparing news, we are guided by the following principles:

  1. Precision
    The information must not contain factual errors. Our role is to collect reliable information and truthfully reflect the events. Journalists do not falsify, distort or dramatize events. When preparing materials, we do not tell people what to do. This is called “staging”, and we are not engaged in staging and filming an event that would not have happened without our presence.
  2. Impartiality (balance)
    The information must be unbiased. Balanced coverage of issues or events is achieved by presenting different points of view on the event. Our news does not contain vocabulary that reflects personal feelings, assessments or prejudices of the journalist. In our news there are opinions, interviews of people, quotes / synchronicities. The audio and visual elements of the video news are edited in such a way as to clearly and impartially convey the opinion of the interviewee. For us, calls for regime change, demonstration of violence, exaggeration of importance, personal value judgments, and back-and-forth are unacceptable.

What if you don’t want to use cookies?

They can be disabled in your browser’s security settings. It is important to understand that the settings must be applied in all browsers that you use (on a computer and on a phone). If you decide to disable cookies, keep in mind that some functions of “News of Donbas” may work unpredictably.

You can also contact us for more information.