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Our activities

Journalistic investigations are carried out by a team of Donetsk Institute of Information based on the internet platform "Donetskaya Pravda" (English “Donetsk Truth”). "Donetskaya Pravda" is an online platform for the publication of investigative journalism and analytical articles that concern activities of the Donetsk Regional State Administration, Donetsk Regional Council, Donetsk City Council, as well as the heads of these bodies.

“Donbas Public TV” (DPTV) is a Donbas journalists’ initiative to create an independent public internet TV, that was launched in March 2014. This initiative was necessary due to the urgent need for prompt and free (without any censorship) provision of objective and unbiased information about political, economic and social processes in Donbas, in order to disseminate truthful news for the residents of the region, where presently the citizens' access to media is hindered due to the armed conflict. Today more than ever, in order to develop an institute of public broadcasting service, it is important to consolidate and strengthen the part of society that is willing and able to implement changes on principles of freedom and personal responsibility. The target audience is the inhabitants of occupied territories, the refugees from the area of ATO, the Ukrainian army officers and their families. “DPTV” basically uses the concept of “democratic media”, i.e. the media is not a commercial tool or propaganda but an integral part of democratic progress.“DPTV” adheres to the principles of transparency, one man - one vote, responsibility and other key principles of democracy. The primary tasks of “DPTV” are informing, promoting openness and independence of media space in the region, responsibility to the audience. As opposed to the commercial media, we do not represent solely an opinion of an owner or an advertiser. Also in contrast with the municipal and state-run media, we do not reflect solely an opinion of the state or local government. Our main task is to meet the informational, cultural and other communication needs of society members who are, in fact, the owners of “DPTV”.We create informational space for independent public television in Donbas (Donetsk and Luhansk regions of Ukraine). The mission of the project is to create a common informational space of trust in order to develop democracy and identity.

Donbas Media Forum - platform for constructing a dialogue and rejecting hate speech.

Think Tank - NGO Donetsk Institute of Information has conducted audit of various spheres of life in the Donetsk region during the two years of the non-implementation of the Minsk Agreement and presents recommendations which might help make the life of civilians as well as the future reintegration of the region easier.

“Donbas: Full Access” site is a web-storage of data (project of data journalism) which aims at solving the problem of storing the content about the life in “separate districts of the Donetsk region”, catalogizing it and providing convenient search engines for researchers and all those who are interested in the issue. The goal of the project is to gather data on the occupied territory (by observing, monitoring, taking photographs and making videos), in the zone of armed hostilities and on the neighbouring territory, and in all the places where there is not a possibility to collect enough statistic data.

Site News of Donbas - 24/7 news from Donbas including uncontrolled territory.


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