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NGO Donbas Public TV urgent statement
News December 6, 2016

NGO Donbas Public TV urgent statement

Dmytro Zhuravlyov, member of NGO Donbas Public TV (our partner) arrived at the ceremony of a new TV tower opening which was to be held on Mount Karachun on December 5. An interview with President Petro Poroshenko, who visited the venue to take part in the ceremony, was to be shot there. Zhuralyov was accredited at the press service of Donetsk Regional State Administration according to the Presidential Administration demands. Besides, Zhuravlyov had a shooting permit. However, before the beginning of the event, the police asked him and a several other journalists to return to the bus. They were not allowed to leave the bus for four hours (till the end of the opening ceremony). The police threatened to “shoot them in the feet” in case they tried to leave the bus. The journalists were accused of being “on the police criminal records". Members of NGO whose main aim is to promote democratic values, peace and humanism via spreading unbiased information in the Donbas and in Ukraine are deeply concerned about the incident.

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