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About the Institute

We, a group of journalists, graduates of Political Science Department of Donetsk national University of different years formed an NGO, Donetsk Institute of Information with the purpose of changing the situation with freedom of speech and democratic values, and to make the quality of people's life better in the Donbas. We believe that our work has contributed to the development of open society in Ukraine and the creation of a just and effective European state. We think that our analytical reports and public campaigns will strengthen the influence of civil society on internal political processes. That will make the power more open and the decisions more grounded.

We believe that will result in more democratic and transparent decisions of the authorities in the region and in the country (in respect to the region). The decisions will be better in terms of communication and implementation as they will be supported by people. Ukraine and the Donbas will get closer to democratic standards, European principles, peaceful life, with state and regional decisions made only after a wide public discussion. In 2014, our organization launched Donbas Public TV project which turned into an independent media organization in 2017.

Vision: We expect that our organization will become a powerful regional center of nation-wide influence.

DII mission is in promoting democratic values and ideas of peace and humanism through the distribution of analytical products about the Donbas among the population of Ukraine and in some regions of Russia and expansion of their influence on decision making.

Activity lines:  
1) expertise and analysis of the information sphere of the Donbas,
2) monitoring  the usage of principles of effective management by authorities in priority activity spheres,
3) reintegration of the Donbas into Ukraine,
4) organizational development.  

Kinds of activity:
1) expertise,
2) analysis,
3) monitoring,
4) advocacy campaigns,
5) publication of texts and videos.

Territory of the activity:
Donbas, Ukraine. We look at Ukraine through the prism of the Donbas.


Slovyansk, Soborna sq. 2a office DII

Tel: +3-067-463-32-11

email: of[email protected]